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Tolki Pen + My First Colours and Shapes EN: 1 349 Kč
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Tolki Pen + My First Colours and Shapes EN

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Tolki pen + My first colours and shapes book for small children at a bargain price. více o produktu

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1 349 Kč
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Popis Tolki Pen + My First Colours and Shapes EN

Supersaver set: Tolki pen + My first colours and shapes book for small children at a bargain price

The world around us is full of different colours and shapes. Sarah and her brother Tom have decided to teach you shapes and colours with the help of everyday objects that we find around us. Do you know what colour you make when you mix red and blue? What shape is a honeycomb? What is a silhouette? You will find all the answers and much more in this book. Join Tom and Sarah; we'll go camping with them, visit their neighbour the magician, and have fun with them at the funfair!

What is Tolki?

Tolki is a unique educational concept giving children and adults alike the opportunity to learn lots of interesting and useful facts in a playful and engaging way that children will simply love! All you have to do is gently touch the picture or text with the interactive talking pen to hear the respective information, sound, or music. Playing with the interactive talking pen offers unlimited possibilities - not only can the pen read texts, sing songs, and play real sounds (a lion’s roar, birdsong, vehicle sounds etc.), but you can also use it to play various games and quizzes.

The set includes: Tolki the electronic talking pen, World Atlas book, 16 GB SD card, charger, USB cable, Guide to the Tolki World. The electronic talking pen also includes a slot for an external MicroSD card with a capacity of up to 32GB, and a headphone jack (headphones are not included).

Technical specifications: 16GB memory, USB 2.0, high-speed connection, Li-ion battery, built-in rechargeable 365 mA / 3.7 V, charger, 500 mA / 5V, compatible with Windows OS.


Kód produktu 16129
EAN 8590228053350
Katalogové číslo QID
Věk 3+

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